10 Best Neo-Noir Movies Ever Made

6º – Blood Simple (Joel Coen, 1984)A man hires a private detective to first investigate and then kill his wife and her lover. However, things get out of hand for everyone involved, resulting in a bloodbath. One of the highest quality suspensions of the 1980’s, ‘Blood Simple’ brings the best of its kind, with an incredible script and fantastic direction.


5º – Thief (Michael Mann, 1981)The daily life of a thief who specializes in stealing coffers is unraveled by the film, with, besides his profession, his existential dilemmas also being studied, such as the need to have a companion, the idea of happiness exposed in a traditional society that motivates several of his acts and his transgressive way of governing his thinking about the world. ‘Thief’ is a beautiful film, using a formidable direction by the great Michael Mann, an irreproachable cinematography, a restrained and essential soundtrack to the story, an intelligent plot and, of course, the powerful performance by James Caan.

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