10 Best Movies With Mind-Blowing Twist Endings

7º – The Skeleton Key (Iain Softley, 2005)A nurse is given the opportunity to exercise her profession more assertively, accepting a job to care for an elderly man in a house in the swamp. The problem is that strange events linked to Satanism begin to happen on the spot, leaving the woman confused about her role in that environment. Interesting horror in some ways, ‘The Skeleton Key’ stumbles upon its exaggerated and meaningless ending. However, its engaging themes and positive horror constructions make the spectator’s experience justifiable.


6º – Primal Fear (Gregory Hoblit, 1996)In the plot, a young man is accused of stabbing a nun at a church. After the media gains interest in the case, a respected lawyer decides to defend the young person. ‘Primal Fear’ has a concise plot, scouring the whole compendium that comprised the murder and the life of the principal accused. An excellent option in the genre of suspense, bringing, also, remarkable twists throughout the history.


5º – The Sixth Sense (M. Night Shyamalan, 1999)A psychologist tries to help a boy who sees ghosts in his day to day life. Directed by the king of plot twists, the good M. Night Shyamalan, ‘The Sixth Sense’, in addition to being, in fact, an excellent film, with a very broad atmospheric suspense load, brings one of the most unexpected twists of the seventh art.


4º – Fight Club (David Fincher, 1999)Wrapped in an empty routine in his work, a man knows an individual completely the opposite of his personality that will make him change his way of facing the world. Directed by David Fincher, ‘Fight Club’ works with dark cinematography, always different scenes constructions and the study of renegade characters to give substance to its powerful and surprising story.

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