10 Best Isabelle Huppert Movies

Nurturing a career of almost 50 years, having participated in more than a hundred films, the French actress Isabelle Huppert stands out as one of the greatest of the seventh art. Her powerful and visceral performances, as well as the good choice of classic names to make a partnership in the field of direction, make each film in which Isabelle is inserted a work that simply needs to be watched. It is still worth saying that the actress has, in my opinion, some of the most powerful performances of all the seventh art (films that are in the top four positions of this list). Let’s go to the list!


10º – Merci pour le Chocolat (Claude Chabrol, 2000)The film follows the nuances of a French upper class family, exploring the destructive ways in which each member acts on the world. Directed by Claude Chabrol, ‘Merci pour le Chocolat’ is an interesting film, bringing a more cadenced plot that values studying each meander of the behavior of its central characters.


9º – In Another Country (Sang-soo Hong, 2012)Nurturing three different stories about the passage of a French tourist through South Korea, the film shows the social relations of this character with the most diverse inhabitants of the country, elevating the figure of camaraderie, romance and the various human inconsistencies. A good choice for Korean cinema, this work achieves its true brilliance in the fabulous presence of Isabelle Huppert as protagonist.


8º – Violette (Claude Chabrol, 1978)Claude Chabrol launches here a small sketch of what would make perfect ten years later. In ‘Violette’, we are introduced to the life of a young girl who is absent from reality, with the only projection of living every moment to the fullest. The film will deal with the family, social and moral implications of the girl’s excessive attitudes, always taking into account the turbulent historical period that permeated the place at the time.

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