10 Best Humphrey Bogart Movies

7º – High Sierra (Raoul Walsh, 1941)After getting out of prison, a homeowner accepts a job to lead a gang into a bold new plan. The problem is that the figure of treason will hatch among gang members and disrupt the grand plan. Belonging to the cinema of the legendary Raoul Walsh, ‘Seu Último Refúgio’ follows all the brilliance of the director’s cinema, elevating a powerful story that makes no concessions by showing the rotten layer of humanity.


6º – The African Queen (John Huston, 1951)In the midst of the outbreak of World War I, an English missionary finds herself completely alone in Africa after her brother’s death, having to resort to the help of a drunken captain of a boat. Nurturing an impeccable direction from John Huston, a dynamic and exciting story and a brilliant cast, ‘An Adventure in Africa’ is a masterpiece of cinema. Watching Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn share the screen as a romantic couple is a unique experience for the viewer.

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