10 Best Humphrey Bogart Movies


9º – Key Largo (John Huston, 1948)A man travels to an old friend’s hotel for a few days. However, when he arrives at the place, the man realizes that the hotel is dominated by mafiosi. The film gains its substance when a storm leaves everyone trapped in the hotel, making truths emerge that will put lives in danger. ‘Passions in Fury’ is a more rustic film for what we were used to in the 1940s, using a cruel plot with its central characters and with the spectators.


8º – Conflict (Curtis Bernhardt, 1945)After falling in love with his wife’s sister, an unhappy man in his marriage decides to architect a plan and murder his wife. The whole substance of the film is contained in the man’s attempt to hide the evidence of his participation in the crime, elevating an electrifying atmosphere at every scene. Much less recognized than it should be, ‘Conflicts of the Soul’ is a pearl of the suspense and noir of the 1940s. A daring film that puts us in the footsteps of a sociopath. The film gets even bigger with the supreme performance of Humphrey Bogart in front of the protagonist.

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