10 Best Existential Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

7º – Into the Wild (Sean Penn, 2007)A young man decides to abandon the traditional choices of his life, leaving everything behind and starting a journey through nature, ‘Into the Wild’ expands our vision of life, showing different ways to build our journeys in the world. A sweet film in its attacks, nourishing happy and sad moments.


6º – The Master (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2012)The plot brings the relationship between a war veteran and a leader of a controversial cult, breaking down the destructive compendium that understands the lives of both. A masterpiece in its essence, ‘The Master’ is impeccable in each option, whether in the construction of his characters, his photography, soundtrack or, properly, the genius direction of Paul Thomas Anderson. The film also brings, supported by the figure of the leader of the controversial movement, a character obsessed by power, using each instrument and individual to achieve a certain goal, regardless of the possible consequences of his actions in the lives of others.

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