10 Best Ewan McGregor Movies

We listed ten great films with actor Ewan McGregor, bringing some of the excellent filmography of this great name of the seventh art. Here, we try to bring the most diverse facets of the actor, capturing works of various genres and years, in order to show, also, the advancement of quality in the career of the actor. Let’s go to the list!


10º – The Impossible (J.A. Bayona, 2012)The film explores the quest for survival of a family after the place where they were on vacation was hit by a tsunami. Sad in all its ways, ‘The Impossible’, based on the events of 2004 in Thailand, is regular when we look at the general apparatus, even worth the productive presence of Ewan McGregor and actress Naomi Watts.


9º – Star Wars: Episode III (George Lucas, 2005)The ‘Sith Revenge’ is far from a good film, but its final 40 minutes of film makes the whole sound acceptable. The impression that remains is that a director who is a little more competent would be able to reach higher levels in these first three chapters of the saga. But, of course, it’s still ‘Star Wars’ and it’s worth it for the chronology itself.


8º – Nightwatch (Ole Bornedal, 1997)Surrounded by a frightening reality in his new work in a morgue, a man begins to investigate new murders that are leaving the place permeated by bodies.  However, as his little investigation unfolds, the man will realize that all the evidence points exactly to him. So interesting when his synopsis, ‘Nightwatch’ is a suspense that possesses all of the most classic elements of its kind, bringing to the viewer a tense and irresistible experience.

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