10 Best Christian Slater Movies


8º – The Wizard (Todd Holland, 1989)Two brothers and a girl start an escape across the country in search of participating in a video game championship. In the midst of this journey, the three will learn more about themselves, as well as have their ways of seeing the world completely changed. Today forgotten, ‘The Wizard’ has been part of the childhood of many people, bringing as central figures in history the friendship and passion for video games of any child.


7º – Young Guns II (Geoff Murphy, 1990)New additions are made to the group of gunmen in the first film, now with the aim of capturing a feared bandit who terrorizes several villages. ‘Young Guns II’ is a more uncompromising western, taking advantage of good doses of humor and intermittent sense of action and that fulfills all the promises made. Another positive point of the work is its quality cast, with the presence, for example, of names like Emilio Esteves, Christian Slater and Kiefer Sutherland.

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