10 Best Asian Horror Movies To Make You Absolute Terrified


2º – Pulse (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2001)A masterpiece of terror belonging to Japanese cinema, ‘Pulse’ is a journey into the darkest of the man/technology relationship. A film with a vivid and macabre atmosphere rarely found in the genre. Here, Kiyoshi Kurosawa prefers to build a terror that arises from the loneliness and isolation of his characters, avoiding as much as possible “jump scars” or situations with a superficial exposure of the genre. An indispensable work for the lover of terror.


1º – Suicide Club (Sion Sono, 2001)A wave of unexplained suicides is haunting Japan. A detective investigates the cases and ends up discovering that this is far from being coincidence or isolated acts, entering a bizarre and cruel world. ‘The Covenant’ enchants and disturbs the viewer, telling an unusual story, strong scenes and an atmosphere of irresistible terror.