10 Beautiful TV Shows To Watch That Gonna Make You Cry

4º – Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)A single mother and her teenage daughter try to follow their lives in the city of Stars Hollow. The series gains its substance by showing the adventures, joys and sorrows that the two of them go through, besides showing the relationship between them. Mixing comedy and drama, ‘Gilmore Girls’ is that series for you to laugh and cry with the same intensity, nurturing elements of life that we all end up going through and that’s why we create a bond with the central characters of the story.


3º – This is Us (2016-)Exciting, this series shows how life goes around, taking as a starting point the stories of triplets in their adult journeys. ‘This is Us’ is among the best series of today and is recommended for any kind of audience, showing the qualities and defects of human beings. So far we have 5 seasons.

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