10 Beautiful TV Shows To Watch That Gonna Make You Cry


6º – The Wonder Years (1988-1993)We will return to the 1960s in this series, following the life of Kevin Arnold, a normal boy in a middle-class American family. We will see the new discoveries of the boy’s life, his family life, at school and his novels. ‘The Wonder Years’ is that indispensable series for anyone, telling a lot about some stages of our journeys, the difficulties faced inherent in life and the inexorable figure of time.


5º – One Tree Hill (2003-2012)The exciting life of young people in the small town of Tree Hill is shown, with all the charm of that place, its fascinating characters and the adventures always frequent. This teen series was part of many people’s lives, with nine seasons and 187 episodes that make a very assertive panorama about youth and its nuances.

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