10 Beautiful TV Shows To Watch That Gonna Make You Cry

8º – Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003)Surrounded by the reality of a small town, four friends in their late teens face what is most common in life, always against the backdrop of each one’s almost inherent desire to leave that town. Dawson’s Creek’ marked the adolescence of several people, nurturing charismatic characters, a pleasant plot to watch and, of course, that classic atmosphere of a small American city where nothing happens.


7º – House (2004-2012)A genius and maladjusted doctor works in a hospital taking the most different and strange cases, helping to save lives, all while trying to deal with his inner demons. House’ has marked the world of the series, using always very dynamic and inventive episodes that made it impossible to divert attention from television. It was eight seasons and almost 200 episodes. Of course, we couldn’t also highlight the always magnificent interpretations that Hugh Laurie provided to each episode commanding the central character.

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