10 Bad Movies To Watch That Are Really Funny


2º – Indecent Proposal (Adrian Lyne, 1993)In the plot, a rich man offers 1 million dollars to have an evening with a young woman already engaged. Nurturing shallow components to govern his story, ‘Indecent Proposal’ never achieves the nickname of a good film during its screening. However, being able to see Robert Redford, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson together already makes the film worth watching.


1º – Jason X (James Isaac, 2001)Jason had been frozen by accident and is now back in action in the 25th century in a spacecraft to terrorize the locals. As bad as his premise, ‘Jason X’ is a spectacle of horrors in the bad way, not as the genre wishes. The best thing about the film is to see a small participation of the legendary filmmaker David Cronenberg in one of the characters. Otherwise, run away from this film.