10 Bad Movies To Watch That Are Really Funny


6º – Waterworld (Kevin Reynolds, 1995)Placed in the near future, the plot tells the story of a world dominated by waters, in which life can only be conceived in boats and the like, making the land a rare and valuable element. Owner of a monumental budget, ‘Waterworld’ has failed to meet expectations with his audience, being responsible for partially disrupting Kevin Costner’s career. However, the film is not dispensable, relying on a different plot than we are used to and a very well constructed intermittent action.


5º – Vampire’s Kiss (Robert Bierman, 1988)After being bitten on the neck by someone else, an executive thinks he is becoming a vampire, starting a destructive journey in his daily life. Hilary in several moments, this film is a simple comedy, valuing more for raw humor expositions, always looking for funny moments in the figure of his frenetic protagonist, masterfully played by Nicolas Cage. Although little known, ‘A Strange Vampire’ is a film that undoubtedly deserves to be watched.

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