10 Awful Movies You Shouldn’t Watch


5º – Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (Roger Spottiswoode, 1992)The unexpected visit of his mother causes a great disturbance in the life of a policeman, seeing his profession confused with his private daily life. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’ is Sylverster Stallone’s bet in the comedy genre, making a satire of the action films of the 1990s and 1980s, with many forced references, a cliché story and a final result of the most questionable.


4º – Prom Night (Paul Lynch, 1980)‘Prom Night’ brings the 1980s slasher goddess Jamie Lee Curtis as the protagonist of history, studying life in a small town decades after a tragedy. The film gains its substance when those affected by the tragedy decide to seek revenge, terrorizing the local prom. The big problem of this slasher is its lack of characteristic scenes of the genre, leaving everything very monotonous and loose.

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