10 Awesome Movies That Will Really Make You Laugh a Lot

7º – Old School (Todd Phillips, 2003)In order to relive the happy days of their young people, three middle-aged friends decided to open a university fraternity and to get to grips with the most varied problems. Using a simpler humour, appreciating the physical situations of comedy, ‘Old School’ is a fun film, still having a very pleasant nostalgic atmosphere.


6º – Beverly Hills Cop (Martin Brest, 1984)After a friend is murdered in his house, a Detroit policeman decides to take a vacation to investigate the origin of the crime. And for that, he has to travel to Beverly Hills. There, he will get involved in the most fun and dangerous confusions that will put his life at risk. Classic of the 1980s, ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ is a film that provokes laughter from beginning to end, bringing an Eddie Murphy at his best.


5º – Mrs. Doubtfire (Chris Columbus, 1993)Away from his children after divorcing his wife, a man decides to pretend to be an old lady and applies for a job as a nanny to stay close to the children. A comedy with the most traditional elements of the genre, ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ succeeds in its onslaught by counting on Robin Williams. Here, the actor has a frenetic performance, giving a very special dynamic to each scene in which he is exposed.


4º – What About Bob? (Frank Oz, 1991)On holiday with his family, a respected psychologist receives the unexpected visit of one of his most problematic patients, bringing a tangle of confusion with him. ‘What About Bob?’ brings the partnership between Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss in command of the protagonists, in a funny story that escapes the basic conceptions of the genre.

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