10 Animated Movies That Will Make You Cry

7º – Up (Pete Docter, 2009)After the death of his wife, an old man begins a journey through various places with his house equipped with balloons, having as improbable company a child. Up transcends simple entertainment, succeeding in making explicit to the viewer several positive concepts about the human bow in the world.


6º – The Lion King (Roger Allers, 1994)In a society led by lions in the jungle, a king is betrayed by a member of his family and dies tragically. Now, it is up to his son to try to recover the shine of that once community. The Lion King’ is an animation without many fragments of humor, based more on the sense of adventure that dominates each scene, managing to work with various concepts about life in a light and didactic way.


5º – Anomalisa (Duke Johnson, 2015)A successful writer is in a hotel to give a lecture. Instead, the man will find in the figure of a fan of his books the instance of an unexpected novel. However, the emptiness in his life ends up being greater than his strength to discover new things. One of the most intelligent animations arranged by the seventh art, ‘Anomalisa’ is strong, bringing a story that investigates all the pathological core contained in our model of facing life.


4º – Inside Out (Pete Docter, 2015)Proposing to the viewer a unique story, this animation puts us to experience various fragments of a woman’s life, passing through her childhood to her adolescence. However, the unique initiative here is to bring these fragments through the eyes of the girl’s psychological processes. Simplified, of course, we will have access to Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, all these forms of emotion giving space to personifications in ridiculous characters. Fun Mind’ is an animation that works with the best that the world has to offer to each scene. A funny work, well done and that, still, presents to the viewer in a sweet way some restlessness of our lives.

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