10 Amazing Movies That Will Make You Remember the Highlight Days of VHS Tapes

3º – The Ring (Gore Verbinski, 2002)A journalist decides to investigate a traditional urban legend about a videotape that kills the people who watch it a week later. In the midst of the investigation, the reporter will discover the whereabouts of the tape and watch its contents, having her life changed and now fighting against time to save herself. As good as the Japanese original from 1998, ‘The Ring’ is a film that manages to mix suspense and terror in an exquisite way, delivering a frightening and very involving story, working for keeping the spectator’s attention during all its 115 minutes. Another highlight of the film is the participation of Naomi Watts, taking on the central character of the story, managing to give even more quality to an already excellent compendium.


2º – Fright Night (Tom Holland, 1985)In the plot, a teenager, obsessed with the culture of terror, is convinced that his neighbor is a vampire who is tormenting his city. The boy will now use the help of his girlfriend, a friend and a decadent television actor to investigate the life of his neighbor. The pearl of terror of the 1980’s, ‘Fright Night’ brings the best of vampire culture to the seventh art, with a compelling history, an irrefutable direction and one of the great villains of the genre.


1º – The Goonies (Richard Donner, 1985)In the plot, a group of boys embark on a treasure hunt, facing the most diverse obstacles on the way. ‘The Goonies’ is a film that marked the lives of several people, bringing a longing for a time that no longer exists with each revisitation. However, the fact of having belonged to important fragments of our lives is not the only element that brings nostalgia. The whole film, especially its unique atmosphere, emits a nostalgic sense to the viewer.