10 Adam Sandler Movies That Proves He’s a Terrific Actor


2º – Punch-Drunk Love (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2002)A man who is out of step with his social environment ends up knowing, by mere chance, a woman as different as he is, forming an unlikely bond with her. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, ‘Punch Drunk Love’ is different, presenting a light story that always seeks the most diverse paths to the destiny of its central characters.


1º – Uncut Gems (Benny Safdie, 2019)An average middle-aged man decides to go looking for one last chance to earn a lot of money, getting involved in a situation that will challenge his adaptive power in the midst of difficulties. Tough, frenetic and always surprising, this film brings a simply fascinating story, exposing the most diverse forms of life found in seemingly ordinary individuals. Still worth mentioning is Adam Sandler’s great performance as a protagonist.